Day Care / Creche at Elements Montessori , Sarjapur Road, Bangalore



Elements Day Care (Creche) facility at Sarjapur Road, Bangalore is designed to provide a safe, hygienic and nurturing environment where the kids are taken care of; while they themselves are engaged in creative and informative activities. The activities for children as part of their Day Care include:




  1. Story Telling
  2. Introduction to Board Games
  3. Introduction to Dance Steps
  4. Art & Craft
  5. Drawing & Painting
  6. Rhymes Sessions
  7. Watching Educational Content on CD’s/ DVD’s
  8. Playing constructive games that help in developing vocabulary, language skills, logical skills, etc
  9. Yoga Sessions
  10. Outdoor play activities including sports activities / ride-on’s





Elements Day Care Center provides the option of availing nutritious meals made at the center, cooked in extremely hygienic conditions. Parents can also send their Tiffin’s from home. Meals and snacks are served during the right times during the day and special care is given to each kid individually to ensure that he/she is well fed.


Sleeping Room



The sleeping room has been specially designed with kids needs in mind. Every child is provided with an individual bed. Every child has his/her own individual linen which is sterilized regularly to ensure that the child rests in a hygienic environment. The sleeping area would be having an air-conditioning unit to maintain an optimum temperature while the kids rest peacefully.





While timely feedback about the child’s interest and activities are given to parents regularly, we also ensure that immediate feedback is conveyed in situations that warrant the same. A diary would be maintained for every child which would contain daily notes on some of the child’s important activities. Parents are requested to read the diary regularly.


Flexible & Extended Packages



Our daycare services can be availed using our standard packages, customized packages (i.e. hours different from standard hours) and flexible prepaid packages (5 hours to 100 hours). We also provide extended hours packages (special hours) in the mornings between 8 am – 9 am and in the evening between 7 pm and 7.30 pm. Saturday extension packages are available between the hours 9.30 am to 2 pm. Please contact us through a suitable medium during office hours and we will be happy to suggest the service best suited for your requirements.